Practical Tips on How to Engage the Services of an Arborist. You could be way too busy with your career or running your business that you may not be able to take good care of all those beautiful trees in your yard,or may be you don’t have the skills required. If you are in such a situation,you may benefit from the services of your local professional tree service or arborist. An arborist is a person trained in the science and art of planting,taking care of and doing maintenance of trees. Proper care for your trees can be an investment with the capacity to not only give a beautiful and inviting appearance to your home but also to raise its value. Prunning trees or cutting them down for removal is an involving process that could also pose a certain extent of risk. It is better to hire trained people to do such work rather than to unnecessarily risk to do it yourself. How can one go about hiring the services of an arborist? This article will give you a nice little list of the qualities of a good tree service company. Ask your friends for leads or simply do a search online in reliable sites. Referrals and reviews almost always are a sure a way to weed out unprofessional and pathetic services. Make sure the professional has liability insurance certificate. This helps to protect you from law suits in case the person falls and gets injured at your place. Ask them if they will be using appropriate protective clothing such as helmets as this is a regulation from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Organization). Ask them to give 2 or 3 names of people they have worked for in the very recent past. Call the names given before you hire the tree service to ensure that you are hiring a professional whose customers found them helpful and dependable.
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Check and confirm that they are members of credible associations or that they are certified appropriately.
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Get price quotations from 3-4 companies or professionals to get a feel of the market rate for such work. A true professional will only use spiked shoes if they want to bring the tree down for removal. Check their adverts to see if they say they are going to remove the top parts of trees and decide to continue with your search if they recommend topping. Have a written agreement about the agreed upon scope of work and note down somewhere how damages caused by the service provider will be addressed. There are highly competent and reliable tree service companies in Atlanta as well as other areas that can handle your trees at reasonable fees.